A New leaf in the history of Rajahmundry…

At the heart of the tranquilizing serenity of lush green landscapes is the enchanting river Godavari, and on its bank is the epic town Rajamahendravaram. Once home to Sir Arthur Cotton's admirable imagination, it is now home to a cosmopolitan renaissance in the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh. Known as a radical center for the cultural and social awakening of Telugu speaking people, it is also the birth place of the Telugu language in its scriptural form. With an innate ability and a natural tendency to expand beyond horizons, Rajahmundry has captured global imagination and has enticed international investments. With its arrival on the global scene it also brought with it an entire spectrum of infrastructural developments perhaps not second to the sea change it stirred in cultural and social aspects of the people.
Mahendravanam, a very special child of Hexnova Infra, is a project that has been ideated with an accurate grasp of the urban wave that has rocked this part of the globe besides being the first to arrive in the making of super luxurious urban spaces.

The Stage.....

  • Only 50% of Area Plotted
  • High coverage for landscaped gardens
  • International Club House
  • World Class Amenities
  • Immaculate Road Network Planning
  • First ever Official 'Gated Community' Approval by DTCP
  • Clearance from A.P. Pollution Control Broad
  • Roads belong to the Gated Community Residents
Parks and Landscaping
  • Cascading Water Point
  • Floral Yoga Garden
  • Jogging park
  • Bamboo Garden
  • Amphitheater
  • Children's Play Area
  • Tennis Courts with Floodlights
  • Temple